A brief history of Littlest pet shop

Ok, ok, ok. That title may throw you off, “Hey its summer! I’m not supposed to be doing history!” But I put this up because, I love LPS. I love Everything about them! And really, its quite fascinating. Littlest pets have changed SO much over the years, Allow me to walk you through generations of LPS.

Generation one

In 1990, Kenner products released Littlest pet shop, and in 1991, Hasbro bought the Littlest pet shop brand.

Did you know?

In 1995, the first littlest pet shop tv series was made. They released one season with forty episodes. The tv series ran for one year.


Littlest pet shop first generation tv series

From 1990-2005, Littlest pets were made as tiny plastic models that resembled real animals.

lps old

A vintage Littlest pet shop

This concludes generation one.

Generation two

In 2005, Littlest pet shop decided to change their look, they released a Chihuahua with big eyes and a bobble head.


The first bobble head LPS.

At first old customers were not happy with this new look, but gradually new fans became avid collectors and the new look was a success. Littlest pet shop released over 3,000 pets using this design.

In 2007, They released the first video game starring LPS, It was called LPSO. LPSO is an acronym for, Littlest pet shop online.


An online world was available to you after you bought a stuffed animal with a code. This is an example of one of the stuffed animals you could buy. After a year or two LPSO was shut down.


A screen shot of LPSO

In 2008, Littlest pet shop released a new LPS video game available in stores for Wii, Windows and Nintendo DS. This video game stayed around longer than LPSO.

In 2010, Littlest pet shop re-relased Blythe dolls sold with LPS as part of a new theme, Blythe loves LPS. These were a big hit, many were sold.


This concludes generation two.

Generation three

In 2012, Hasbro released a new tv series to the Hub network, Because the Littlest pet shop toys were now on tv, Hasbro decided it was time to change the look of LPS again.

sugar spinkles

A new LPS

A great uproar met Hasbro when they released these new toys. A great change made LPS almost unrecognizable. Strange eyes, Skinny legs, no magnets and stiff heads made these new LPS odd. It took a while for Hasbro to change again. Littlest pet shop made a quick change back to the older, cuter LPS, but not for very long.

Generation four

Our current generation

In 2013, Littlest pet shop changed yet again this time keeping the 2012 shape but adding back the cute eyes and bobbling heads.


Some are satisfied with the forth generation but some would still like the old pets to come back.

This concludes our brief history on Littlest pet shop. Don’t you feel so much more knowledgeable now?! Tell us what you think in the comments section.



3 thoughts on “A brief history of Littlest pet shop

  1. I agree that the second generation of Lps is the best. I don’t have many, because they aren’t in stores and allot of times when I try to order one on ebay, it never comes in the mail! Can you please help me with that? I mean, can you tell me why it does that? I would lovelovelovelovelove… for you to do that!

    P.S. I live in Italy.

    Your Friend, Lps_Super


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